I create art to inspire the imagination. By inspiring the imagination, I teach people how to play with uncertainty - to meet their fears and befriend the Unknown.

My process begins by becoming lost in a magical musing*, story, or poem, only finding myself when I stumble upon words that "sing" to my humanity. These words must clench my heart and stop me from breathing, and often taste both bitter and sweet. To honor these words, I take them apart and intertwine them with my own threads of thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

I weave together these hybrid strands of imagination with paint, palette knives, brushes, and color shapers. I apply paint straight from the tube onto my working surface, allowing the human mind to selectively mix the raw, vibrant colors. I use an array of palette knives to layer, scrape, and carve textures that summon undulating abstract and surreal environments. In a method of reverse-layering, I employ color shapers to take away paint to reveal detailed symbols and calligraphy, representational elements hidden within the abstract space.

The resulting creation is a playground for the imagination: my new Truth nurtured from the original narrative that prompts others to tap into their own creativity and spin their own stories. 


 *Magical Musing: a curious question that stimulates the imagination and provokes profound thought